What is Molang?

Molang is a lovely chubby, cute adorable ‘pig rabbit’ that invented by once was a university student in South Korea, Yoon Hye Ji.  At first, she made this loving super chubby bunny to represent sticky Korean rice.  Now its become no.1 popular character in South Korea.

I am Molang I am PiuPiu

The word 몰랑 Molang comes from the Korean 몰라 Molla/mola, which means ‘I don’t know’.  Which often you seen on k-drama, when a girl or adult female wants to show some aegyo (cute ways to talk).
Thats how the words Molang came up, cause it sounds so adorable and girly.  This character shows in its every Molang design.

New Update: 2017

I just watched Yoon HyeJi interview recently, and she said something about Molang word came from “mallang~ mallang” in Korean word that has meaning ~ squeezy, soft, pluffy.

Very sorry if my first information was not accurate, as I also read it from some Japanese girl’s blog long time ago. It was not easy back then to find the Molang story.

One other thing, there are people who often asked me, if Molang a girl or a boy? According the Yoon, she said she deliberately not put a gender on Molang, when she invented the character, so it will be flexible to dress up Molang as boy or girl. But now (2017) she said that she prefer the main Molang character as a boy.

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From stuff dolls, school stationary, bags, bedding accessories, SNS and Kakaotalk theme, bags, glassware, t-shirt, milk to even face lotion, you name it~ this Molang taking over the world of cuteness significantly with its brand. And no one seems mind about it, as who can resist its cutest charm^^

Molang on kakaotalk


And today Molang is acquired by some company in French and become a cute favorite character on short kids movie that you can also enjoy in these videos HERE

But if you ask my personal opinion, although all the videos are cute, I am regretting the fact that the target market for Molang are focusing too much on little children. 😦

Whilst we are in Korea, we as teenager and adult likes to have Molang as part of character that console our life also. And I really missed seeing Molang bunny on Korean Drama.


molang cream chica y chico


Milky dream from your skin Milky Vanilla

Whitening cream makes smooth like baby skin

First Milk from New Zealand made in South Korea


chicaychico_molangcream_pack bybyelle
Buy Molang Cream HERE

Molang Cream product available, please click image above to purchase 🙂 happy smooth skin

Disclaimer:  I don’t own or made the Molang character, this website is intended only for fans who likes Molang character and likes to talk about it.  All the copyright is own by FeelBug


21 Comments Add yours

  1. Kleira says:

    Mind to recommend places where I can find molang products in seoul?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. molangkorea says:

      Hi Kleira, I saw this molang doll sold at street vendor in Myeongdong, not a big one though, but if you like to buy online, try shop here at molang rabbit cute bunny amazon store

  2. Kleira says:

    What about the molang cream? I have been googling but to no avail.

  3. molangkorea says:

    Hi Kleira, you can buy molang cream here at http://www.wishtrend.com/beauty-steal/812-best-skin-whitening-cream-chicaychico.html?a_aid=Bybyelle
    Now they offer 22% discount from normal price.
    You also can read complete molang cream product review there
    i love how they make molang cream review so much fun 🙂

  4. Kleira says:

    Oh…. I will actually be visiting seoul soon. I was looking out for places where I can purchase it over the counter. By any chance, do you know where I can find it?

    1. molangkorea says:

      I was also looking, but not found any. I don’t think chica y chico has its own shop, unlike etude house or nature republic, where you can find it almost every corner in seoul city

  5. Kleira says:

    Thank you so much! Guess I can only get it online!

    1. molangkorea says:

      You’re welcome 🙂

  6. elli says:

    Is molang a boy or a girl? I know this article is really late so you don’t have to answer, I was just wondering because I’m starting to get obsessed after I purchased a molang plush ^^

    1. molangkorea says:


      personally I never thought that before, but what I know Molang sometimes portray as a family, how to tell the father mother or children is by their size, the biggest molang is the father I think, molang girl sometimes can be seen draw wearing ribbon hair pin on her bunny ear. Even there are molang draw in couple (boy n girl) the body of molang draw in the same way.

  7. Mariah says:

    I love molang he/she is cute even though I didn’t know he/she is a pig rabbit!
    #cutest thing ever

    1. molangkorea says:

      Mariah molang is a rabbit ^^ yes incredibly cute

  8. yuri pulanco says:

    hi is molang and piu piu girl?

  9. Nisso says:

    How cute is Molang!!! But, it’s a girl or boy???

  10. Charlie says:

    Do you know someone has adapted Molang and Piu in cartoon ?
    It’s a French cartoon for kids based of these characters and their adventures 🙂

    1. molangkorea says:

      wow that’s amazing. thanks for your info Charlie

  11. Fred says:

    My 7yo daughter is watching an hour long Molang and PiuPiu compilation on youtube right now – it was ‘related video’ to a Gudetama video. I ended up here while looking for info on what Molang was / was from. Cute site and thanks for the info here!

    1. Molla Korea says:

      Thank you Fred for visiting 🙂

  12. I was searching for kawaii Windows wallpaper, and it brings up super-cute character I’ve never seen. So, I have to search for “Who is Molang,” and your blog is #1! Thank you for introducing me to Molang; both my wife and I love him. You have an awesome blog that is very informational and well as inspirational. Congratulations!

    1. Molla Korea says:

      Thank you for liking Molang and my blog 🙂

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