First night in Seoul

I stayed in this “fancy hostel” ~ that’s how my friend call it~ LoL, called HiSeoul Youth Hostel in Yeongdeungpo-gu area.

For me its like a 3-stars hotel type in Jakarta, judging from the size of the room, only the bed is less comfy, compare to the real hotel, but the facility all good for ₩66,000 a night, and you got a halfbody bathub, just waw.

I got the penthouse room^^ just kidding, is the toppest floor, 7th. With great view of nice building surrounding.

Camera 360
Dobbie my white bear sitting by hotel window

The staffs who welcome me was all handsome men, haha ♡♡ i wish i can read all their name tag, the one who was correspondence with me was Sunjou, even i didnt have a nerve to ask which one of them is that helpfull man. Another day, i also met a young lady sit infront, nice looking too but barely smile (unfortunately, unlike the men do), but she did help me arranged to change the pillow case i asked and show my way to the nearest subway, so okay then.

Overall, my stay there is comfortable and nice.

I didnot know where to find dinner, so i walked down to the yeongdeungpo-gu office exit subway and just before i reach the exit, i found narrow alley with full of small restaurants. It was darn cold -3ºcelcius i think, so i want to eat hot soup, like kimchi jigae,

Camera 360
Shrimp and Squid Korean dish

but enter the wrong restaurant and endup eating shrimp and squid, oh my, i hope that squid didnt kill me, but it was delicious, the ahjumma cook the dish in front of me and taught me how to eat with the salad leafs. Yummy for ₩10,000 the portion was big too, i heard that korean always served for 2 people. For me eating alone, is barely rare to see.

Search Hotel in Seoul Molang Korea Agoda
Search Hotel – Seoul, South Korea

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