The Depart-day to Seoul, South Korea

Yes, this is the D-day

molang d-day

I finally will be depart to Seoul tonight 21.Feb.2014 by Korean Air flight #KE628 from Jakarta, Indonesia

Okey, who wants to send me farewell ~~

The packing is done, well 99% done, as usual when traveling I always insert some stuffs in the last minutes.

Passport on hand, ticket on hand, let’s go to the airport

Say goodbye to my mom, sister, niece and my cute nephew, hu~hu~ he wants so bad to be in a plane with me, wish i could take him with me too T_T

Pray this will be a good and blessing journey for me.

I flew with Korean Air, so this is what is like inside the cabin

Korean Air cabin molang mollakorea

This is my #KoreanAir flight meal..hmm..quite delicious.

Korean Air meal flight Molang Molla Korea

Arrived in Incheon, South Korea. Incheon airport is located about 1,5 hours from downtown Seoul city.

Incheon Airport mollakorea

Search Hotel in Seoul Molang Korea Agoda
Search Hotel – Seoul, South Korea

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