Household Items in Seoul

This is my experience living in a guest house (home like) in Seoul, South Korea. The area that get me attention is the house kitchen. In SouthKorea, the one tools that must have and always hanging in the shelf is the “food scissors”. This one tools is needed, as it is their culture to always have a necessary to cut meat or kimchi before eating it.


The other thing that put my attention is the washing plastic gloves that wrapped your hands almost to the elbow, I kinda like this item, so I bought one to bring home. During winter the water came out in the sink is really cold, the gloves practically protect your hands from the cold freezing water, and also if suddenly you accidentally turned into a hot water, your hands won’t get burned from it.


The dishes soap is different in ingredients and cleans quality, South Korean people is really concern about using natural products, even for household, they choose products with natural ingredients or very less chemical. Compared with dishes product Indonesian commonly used, using Korean natural product, we need more amount of soap liquids poured when did the dish wash.

At first, I was a bit confused because I need to pour more and more liquid because the grease doesn’t easily fade away. Back home, in Indonesia, when I do the dishes, I only pour a teaspoon of the green dishwasher liquid soap and its more than enough to wash 10 plates. More chemical, more powerful? maybe, who knows.  Your choice whether you like the natural products better, which consequences more liquids needed and of course more expensive, or you choose the regular products, more chemical but less expensive and erasing greases faster.


The rice cooker, I believe they only trust this one brand, as when i visited other places, always find this Korean brand, and of course with this Korean language for its button.  Korean, I think very trust and loyal to their local country brand.  Unlike Indonesian who mostly use either China, Japan or Germany brand for their household items.

rice cooker korea

I really admire the Korean for their choices, but that also because the Korean brand is really good and the quality can compete with other country’s brand.

Thank you to Ryan, owner of the Sky Cycle Guest House at Mapo-gu, Seoul, for letting me show the Korean household items.

Sky Cycle Guest House is a very clean, nice and affordable place to stay downtown nearby Sinchon, Sogang University area  if you like to visit Seoul, you can book easily here (click Sky Cycle link below)

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Sky Cycle Guest House – Seoul Korea


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  1. Kay says:

    How to contact the owner of sky cycle guesthouse

    1. molangkorea says:

      if you want to book you can book through here

      Very sorry I cannot give you his personal number ^_^Y

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