How to get to try Hanbok Korea for free in Seoul

AH~ another exciting moment in Seoul, South Korea I’ve been in. Trying to dress in Korean Hanbok. Traditional Korean clothing.

I heard to actually purchase a real Hanbok is super super expensive, more when the fabric is made from the real silk.

There is some place that offer tourist in Seoul to dress in Hanbok, mostly they charged $25 per person, you can get that unique wig of Korean queen also if you like.

But what about a free Hanbok Korea experience? Maybe is not so fancy as the rental hanbok, but still you can get the excitement feel dressing Hanbok or ancient Korean soldier.  Yes not only for girls/women, boys/men also can try Gwanbok here.

Where? Where? I know that must be your next question, go to this place

Seoul Center for Culture & Tourism

5th Fl. M-Plaza, Myeong-dong 2-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul If you take a subway, take subway line 4, Myeongdong station, go out at exit 6. You will see a crowd that lead you to Myeong-dong busy shopping street, walk 5 minutes toward that road on the left side of your line exit, pass the Forever 21 store on the left side you will see a tall building M Plaza, the cue is in front of Holika Holika shop



They open early at 10.30am, but book your place to try Hanbok before 2pm. They close lending the Hanbok by 4pm, although the Seoul Center for Culture and Tourism open until 8pm at night every day.

There are helpful staffs who can assist you there, they speak English, Chinese and Japanese. Seoul Center for Culture and Tourism is actually provide you information, free maps, flyers and answer to all inquiries regarding Seoul city.



All you have to do is register your name on the reception and wait your turn to try the hanbok, if you travel alone, they will not hesitate to offer you help to take a nice picture on the traditional costume experience hall background they set there.  Really~really a nice warmth experience I have from Korean people. Just remember all of these for free~


I heard in this Seoul Center, they also held a K-Pop dance and Taekwondo class every friday but this class apply 2,000 fee. Next time, I wanna make sure that I will attend one of that class.♪(┌・。・)┌

molangkorea byby at M Plaza Seoul


For booking this traditional Korean costume experience you can also call them at +82-02-37897961.

Like their facebook here to return these Korean kind hospitality

Search Hotel in Seoul Molang Korea Agoda
Search Hotel – Seoul, South Korea




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