Study Korean Language in Sogang University, Seoul

Finally, I manage to get myself entering on one of the most prestigious Korean Language School in South Korea.

On a first day, I arrived in Seoul -it was Sunday- I went straight to visit the Sogang University 서강대학교 , my campus to be.
I was so lucky that during my previous visit to Seoul, I was residing in Mapo-gu area, which is only take 5 minutes to walk into my campus, so the area is quite familiar for me.

As just expected, it was a huge campus area, with green soccer field facility, surrounded by jogging track, basketball field, and a plaza that consist many local and international taste restaurants, bookstore, coffee shop, convenience store, you named it.

I was choosing Sogang University to study the Korean language, with consideration that the curriculum will emphasize more on conversation instead of grammar. My needs of being able to speak Korean is really an urge thing to have. I believe by mastering the speaking at first, I will be able to open many good opportunity that awaiting me here in South Korea.

I end up getting a class at 9th floor on Aruppe Hall, the daily schedule itself consist of 3 sessions
1st session Writing
2nd session Speaking and Listening
3rd session Reading and Listening
We have three different teachers for those sessions. All female teachers, who are really friendly and full of excitements in teaching us.

My class consist only 16 students from many different countries like Sweden, Taiwan, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, Ireland and United States..oh and of course myself Indonesia.

What amazed me that, turns out all of my classmates is classified as Student who had at least understand some Korean previously, some of them already studied in their own country. Me? Well..thanks to Korean drama and Korean TV-show, and a little learning from talk to me in Korean site, I fortunate to understand some Korean.
As our teacher didnot and will not speak any international language (as English) to teach us.

For study, we required to have a student book and workbook, released by Sogang University. But on first day, they also gave us two free book, to exercise our writing and speaking. For level 1 itself, it divided into Book 1A and 1B category. Overall, we have 6 books for every level.

The teaching method, I would say really amazing and quite fast. We are really not given a chance to distract ourselves in a second, otherwise we would lost our focus on what the teacher about to say or having us to do things.
First I thought it was me who felt that way, but a little gather after class, I understand that all my classmates feel the same way.

I still cannot say much about the feeling or outcome of studying korean language in Sogang University, as after two days in class, it is now Chuseok holiday (Korean Thanksgiving days) which makes us having another long holiday, and will start again tomorrow (Sep.11.2014).

Personally, I am feeling so blessed and fortunate to be able to come back to campus life, getting new knowledge and more it is in Seoul, South Korea.

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