Taiwanese MY QUEEN outwin Korean Witch’s Romance

I am a big fans of all good Korean Drama, but so happened I watched the Taiwanese version first “My Queen” 敗犬女王(败犬女王 and totally swept away with the story, the casts ~ Cheryl Yang is a perfect lead actress (vicious, ambitious yet attractive n kind hearted inside), Ethan Ruan the lead male actor is young charismatic, naughty sweet and he always been a kick-ass in every drama he lead~ the opening scene is drawn in the best unique design, the opening song is a heart capture and you can daydreaming just by looking at the coffee shop where Cheryl stand in front of it with Ethan by the cafe window.

My Queen is produced in 2009, and the Korean remake is just aired this year 2014.
Very regret to say that I think this Taiwanese original version is outwin the Witch’s Romance in term of details and natural flow in presenting the story. The best 3 plots story is the “highschool uniform vs santa claus”, “the temple beating” and “the saving kiss at the party” scenes which start it all.
Try watching it at http://www.viki.com/videos/1010480v-my-queen-episode-3


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I’ve seen so many times that K-drama always do better plot story than Taiwanese drama (Boys Before Flower over Meteor Garden for example), so a bit disappointed when I saw this one, maybe I’m hoping too much.

In this case so hard to beat Cheryl Yang character (Shan Wu Shuang), Uhm Jeong Hwa I believe a great actress too, but honestly I’m having better view watching the Taiwanese casts.  I like to see Park Seo Joon though, maybe he is the only thing that keep me continue watching the Witch’s Romance.

Addition: My Queen opening theme and song, really a ‘killer’ can’t get enough to hear it..

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