A Walk Lured by Rooftop Prince ~ Mural Village 이화 벽화마을

I remember talking to myself that I should find this Seoul city art project called Ihwa Mural Village 이화 벽화마을, after I watched Rooftop Prince drama and TaecGui Global We Got Married Korean TV show.


How interesting that Seoul City Metropolitan government did this city project to save a left behind (almost slum) neighborhood into a thriving tourism place. Just by assigning about 60 local artist/painter to do art work on villager’s house walls and streets and promoted it through drama and TV shows, it successfully attract tourists from all over the world.

The funny part it, not many origin Seoul people who knows or actually visited this place or find it interesting to see 😆

Here are unique drawings that I saved to be my precious memory strolling around the Mural Village 이화 벽화마을, located at Ihwa-dong, Seoul, South Korea.

on the way to Mural Village path
a romantic dream stairs with flower painting ~ Rooftop Prince Drama
Hello bunny ~ nice to meet you
I wanna to pretend riding that pink bicycle, but no one there to be asked to take the pic
Here I dared to ask a Korean boy to take my pic pretend sat on the swings, but then I noticed in the end that the girlf seems doesn’t like me asking her boyf took my pic, while the boy looked happy to help kkkk..mianhae ^^’
cool thumbs up painting!
awesome wall, its full not only with written painting but seems every one who passed this wall tried to write something cool on it “I will ask one more chance to live again” what a encouraging words!
I don’t need to write, one of my life wish already written there “Build my own home”
Canal house painting ~ interesting ^^
complete with the boat, and yes, as you see this Mural Village neighborhood is up to the hill, circling, going down again, so be ready with strong feet to walk, don’t forget bring your water.

We are getting into the end of the Mural Village art city tour 😀

And the last picture I took, is my favorite of all time ❤ photo

I got myself an Angel wings ~ precious XD

I was very happy  and satisfied with this local Seoul city trip. Travelling alone can be very worthy like this. XD

This journey taken on September 2014, therefore I guess when you read this later, many of the painting has been changed.

How to get there? Take subway and stop at Hyehwa station, you will pass  Marronier park first before walk up to Mural Village.


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