Fireworks Festival at Yeouido Park

This is an annual event that most everybody who lives in Seoul looking forward to it.

I was so happened made up my mind to see it, and luckily to get a friend to accompany me to the festival, otherwise I will lost in a crowd.

The time to go there was really something, I can’t believe the subway to Yeouido was really full with people, but the police and authorities were there and ready to lead the crowd, so I still feel safe on the way there despite of hardly walk among the crowd.

And I manage to meet my friend on time on Yeouido subway station.  Funny he said this is also his first time seeing this kind of festival.

The rest is showing the photos and crowds on the festival.  It was marvelous fireworks and I truly admire South Korean government that put much effort to do this festival every year.

Camera 360
Me and Crowds at Yeouido Fireworks Festival 2014


20141004_yeouido park fireworks seoul molangkorea
Big Blast Beautiful views of Fireworks by HanGang, Yeouido

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