The Famous “Duck” in South Korea

As Autumn coming, people in South Korea, particularly Seoul, they tend to look places when the beautiful autumn trees and flowers shows itself out.
One of the place that standout this autumn 2014 turns out to be Seokchon Lake, which located right next to the Lotte World.
But whats more that made it so popular to visit is the cute yellow rubber thing that floated in the middle of the lake. Yes it is a Duck~ Rubber Duck (러버 덕) to be precise ^^

Can you imagine that big giant yellow Rubber Duck is actually floating there, showing its cuteness and draws so many people attention?!
No kidding, parents with kids and babies, teenagers, adults, couples, tourists, or foreign residence like me didnot want to miss a chance to compete our cuteness with the duck by taking so many photos and ‘selca’s 😀


And because of the best spot or perfect angles is limited, also because of the trees are a bit blocking the view, we end up must have took turns or some a bit fighting to get on spot first T_T
Oh might cute Rubber Duck, what kind of spell did you have to have us so much craving about you, and you are not even sing or speak “kwak”.


I heard this famous Rubber Duck ìs one of the city art project in Seoul, South Korea, designed by the Netherlander and been traveling around some countries like Hongkong and China, who knows whereelse it will travel…..Jakarta, Indonesia I hope kkkk…


How do you get there? Take subway Line 2 (green line) in Seoul with Jamsil station (잠실 역) as your stop, take Exit 2 and go walk to your left side, you can cross the intersection keep left side, and you will see the lake. Have fun with the Rubber Duck.

FYI. I don’t know how long the Rubber Duck floating there, find your info locally in Seoul.

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