Gugok Waterfalls

It was holiday on Friday, so I decided to do a little journey a bit outside Seoul. The destination is Gugok Falls, or in Korean Gugok Pokpo 구곡 폭포.
Gugok Falls actually a natural waterfalls, resided in a natural recreational park up in Namsan-myeon area.




For nature recreational park, Korea does a good work making the path and surroundings so neat and easy to follow. Even before I reach the destination, I can enjoy the views along the way.  You can enjoy traditional korean snacks or set lunch too if you like, as I seen some small restaurants along the way up.

For those who doesnot like walking, it will be a little bit out of breath, as the more you near the gugok falls the hike is the road. By the end of the road, to finally enjoy the falls you need to climb a really high wood stairs to reach the vocal point.


Though everything looks green almost yellow as it near fall season, for me, unfortunately the Gugok falls itself not much to see, despite it beauty because of the geographic structure, the water didnot came down as I ever imagine.


I was imagine to play water down by the falls, but really nothing and the location makes it not possible at all.


Still, I am happy to reach this Gugok Falls journey.


How to get there? For independent travel, use Seoul MRT (Subway) try to find Line 7 Sangbong and from there take Kyungchun Line and make stop at Gangchon St. 강촌 역
You can walk or ride a rental bicycle and enjoy the view before reach the entrance of Gugok Falls, or you can take a bus, no.50.  station is in front of the station.

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