Gwanghwamun Square

Gwanghwamun Plaza (Hangul: 광화문광장; hanja: 光化門廣場, also known as Gwanghwamun Square is a famous Landmark in the heart of Seoul city, South Korea.

A spot that every tourist “must visit” to take a momento picture at least, to prove that you are visit Seoul :)) Located in Sejongno, Jongno-gu in Seoul, South Korea.

There is a statue of King Sejong the Great sitting in the middle of the square.  King Sejong is well-known for his intelligent spirit to build Joseon (Korea ancient name) toward new knowledge, by inventing “Hangeul” character to replace the complicated Hanja China written characters.  Other things was to encourage his subordinate to invent many new things that what he thought could help his people live easier.

King Sejong The Great Gwanghwamun Square Seoul South Korea

The other statue is Lee SungShin, the famous Admiral from Joseon time.  I happened only took picture in front of this statue.

Gwanghamun Square Lee SungShin Statue molang Korea

In Gwanghamun Square people usually held big event there mostly to promote Korean culture.  Last time I visited, it was Kimchi Festival, its an event promotion of basic Korean dish “kimchi” and how to make it.  All tourist had a chance to try to make a traditional kimchi but they charge 70,000 won for it. And you can take the kimchi home.

Gwanghamun Square Kimchi Festival Seoul molang Korea

From the Gwanghamun square from distance you can see a beautiful mountain view when the sky is clear. So breathtaking view to see despite of the business happened down under the Seoul city.

Gwanghamun Square mountain view molangkorea Seoul

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  1. Sunny Su says:

    Hi , may i know where do you live now ? Are you still at that guest house? Is that guest house rent per month ?
    Thankyou ^^ i hope you reply my message

    1. molangkorea says:

      Hi Sunny, the Sky Cycle guest house usually rent daily, yes you can rent per month, get little discount. It is located in Daeheung-dong station exit 2 walk straight 50 m , there is an alley on your left, turn left, you will see.
      You can book from here also

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