HanSik ~Delicious Foods in Korea

HanSik ~ 한식 is short from Hanguk (Korea) eumsik (food)

Eager to show you variant type of Korean foods I ate and some drinks when I was living in Seoul, South Korea.

Here we go:

SamGyeTang Korean Chicken Ginseng Soup


MolangKorea_Samgyetang_Ewha Univ_20160828202318
My favourite SamGyeTang in Ewha Woman University streets


MolangKorea_Kimchi Jiggae_Daeheung St_20160828202708
Kimchi Jiggae ~ Spicy Kimchi soup with slices pork and banchan


MolangKorea_Mackarel spicy fish_20160828202829
Mackarel Spicy Fish with Korean instant rice~ Home made


Camera 360
Korean dish ~ Squids and Shrimps


Korean Ramyeon and fresh clam (also home made)


Camera 360
Budae Jiggae ~ Kimchi soup with noodle, sausage, pork, egg, tofu


Camera 360
Spicy Ramyeon with shredded dried squid (another Home made)


Camera 360
the famous Bulgogi and rice
Molang Korea_Sundae Gguk_20160828222350
Sundae Guk Bap ~ 순대 국밥 Blood sausage soup with rice
Molang Korea Sundae Gguk Sinchon_20160828222401
Sundae Guk~ 순대 국 Blood sausage soup in Sinchon
Molang Korea Samgyeopsal_20160828223714
Samgyeopsal – Pork barbeque
Camera 360
Samgyeopsal is best to enjoy with a bunch of close friends


Camera 360
Sindang-dong Ddeokbokki


Molang Korea Beef barbeque_20160828222218
Korean Beef Barbeque – 쇠고기 바베큐


Camera 360
Jajjangmyeon instant 짜장면
Camera 360
Jajjangmyeon and tofu dish
Camera 360
Jajjangmyeon – Korean black sauce noodle


Camera 360
Korean Sweet Potato and Jjampong instant


Molang Korea Sogang Seoul Foods_20160828224503
Sogang Campus Cafetaria Foods

ps. mianhaeyo, maybe I was too hungry after school, I really forgot what kind of jjigae is this kkk ^_^

Camera 360
Meat Cabbage Tteokbokki


Molang Korea Rice Burger_20160828224611
Bap Burger – Rice burger with spicy mayo


Molang Korea Babingsu Berrys_20160828223627
Patbingsu – Korean shaved ice dessert with berrys
Molang Korea Babingsu Mango_20160828223643
Patbingsu – Korean dessert shaved ice with mango


Camera 360
Ddeokbokki – glutinous rice snack with sweet spicy taste


Camera 360
Twikim 튀김 – all kind of Fried foods snack


Camera 360
Fish Cake – Eomuk 어묵 Crab Fish Cake
Camera 360
Yeomuk-kkochi 어묵꼬치
Molang Korea_Twisted Potato_20160828204652
Twisted Potato ~ Tornado Potato in Myeongdong
Molang Korea GS25 Juice Banana_20160828201741
Korean Orange Juice and Banana
Molang Korea Kakao Talk Muzi Choco Bread_20160828224353
Kakao talk Muzi & Con choco bread 초코 빵
Molang Korea GS25 Ramyeon and Milk_20160828224821
Korean instant noodle Ramyeon and Milk 라면 & 우유



Molang Korea_DropTop Cafe Capuccino Coffee_20160828201924
Drop Top Cafe Cappuccino Coffee


Bonus: non HanSik – Ilbon Sik (Japanese)

Molang Korea Japanese Sushi in Hongdae_20160828202834
Sushi Japanese Food in Hongdae Seoul Korea

다 맛있어요 – All Delicious !!!



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