Saturday fling at Marronier Park

People who lives in Seoul (Seoulites) knows that there so so many parks (Gongwon = 공원 ) located in downtown city that really worth to visit.  The most famous for tourist would be the Namsan park, Yeouido park as it located next to Han River (Hangang) or historic park like Tapgol Park.

But here I want to spot a park, that formed to be the original site of Seoul National University, the park that opened in 1975 named after a horse chestnut tree “Marronier” originated from Mediterranean. Proposed built to cater the cultural needs of the Seoulites. During Autumn, you will see that the park forested by beautiful natural trees. These photos was on late winter so bare to see the colors there.


During weekend you can see family and children used this as a child playground, when the weather seasons is nice, people do open air performances as this park formed as a spacious outdoor stage therefore lots of festivals, concerts, students art performances even art market open to public to join. Again this was early winter, I guess its too cold to do an event in the park at that time, so its likely empty park.


If you walk through the playground go behind between the talls orange and the red buildings, you will find 서울대 항로 (read=Seoul Daehangno) or more famous by the words: College Streets,  compact with houses of educational institutions, modern cafes, cultural hotspots including Dongsung Art Center, Batangol Art Center and hundreds of small theaters offering indie movies.


This is the part where the young Seoulites spend their nice weekend for dating and chill hangouts, watching movies and enjoy nice foods together with friends. I didn’t see many tourist stroll around the areas, though the streets packed with international gourmet such as Italian and Mexican.

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To get to Marronier park in Seoul take subway to Hyehwa station, and walk straight 5 minutes to find this place.  This  park also a walking path to Ihwa Murral Village: a village in which Seoul local government dedicated to show fun art drawn at local people house’s walls and streets by local Seoul artisan.

Reach up further you will find Naksan Park (yes Naksan, don’t confuse it with Namsan — it’s different!), Naksan Park is one of a nice place to see the great view of Seoul city from the above point, local people also use it to do morning workout.

I will update Naksan Park article later on for you to click on.



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