my wish pre-Wedding Korea Trip

This is my WISH PREWEDDING TRIP in South Korea.

My #1 wish is to experience very special moments in Korea, and as many people know, South Korea is portrays as one of the romantic place in the world.  Not with big extravaganza things but with small personal things that touch the heart most.

The moments I am about to share is going to be the historic moments in my life, as I like to do a Pre-Wedding moments !  My long time dream is to get married in Korea.

It is also a moment that any woman in this world basically desire, so it is my wish also to inspire other future brides around the world.

So, follow me to make these trip come true.

First day – Love at First Sight

First date meeting at Nami island

Walking along the tree-lined paths where some of the most memorable moments of the famous Korean TV drama “Winter Sonata” was filmed.

Photo courtesy of Mr. K Wedding

Then go to Petite French  where also many Korean TV series like My Love from the Star, Bethoven Virus and Secret Garden filmed. Enjoying the gallery displaying sculptures and paintings of ‘le coq gaulois’ (the Gallic rooster) and stroll along 16 French-style buildings to understand a bit of French Culture and tasting French food.


Second day – The Proposal

The dream place that been running on my head all these years to accept a marriage proposal will be the Night at Namsan Tower, Seoul city.

Image source unknown from Pinterest

But it can start in the afternoon, when the best sunset is coming and locked each other heart in the lockheart key written of our love promises to stay with each other forever.

Image source unknown from Pinterest

Third day – Meeting the Parents

I can imagine me and him dressed in the nicest hanbok couple outfit and go to meet his Korean parents and pay respect to them.

Photo Hanbok couple courtesy of HelloMuse

After that we are going to enjoy a delicious festive of Korean royal cuisines which was usually serve to the Kings during Joseon dynasty in a Hanok style restaurant.

Photo courtesy of Visit

Fourth day – White Love Date

Winter date on the snow ski resort at Yongpyong Ski Resort, where the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games will be held.

I want to make a lasting memory on top of snow mountain. Just like TaecYeon and GuiGui did on Global We Got Married show.

Photo courtesy of MBC Global We Got Married Season 1

Fifth Day – Romantic Busan

Will be not complete if my pre-wedding journey is not visiting the “city of tomorrow” Busan. I want to start from Gamcheon Village House, a complex of colorful houses that view the ocean from above. It will be best for prewedding photos.

Photo of Gamcheon Village House courtesy of Peter Stewart

I know it will be winter time, still I want to visit Heundae Beach, eat Cotton candy, and go to Dongbaek island.

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Write each other love letter that will be send by post one year after the written date. Located at Choryang 6-dong Village passing the Sanbok (mountainside) Streets.

At night, visit The Bay 101 and experience a Yacht B tour, dinner on boat, to end a lovely day in Busan.


“A big journey starts from a small step, so it is happening.”

This article was made to join contest at the #GlobalWOWKOREA event, though I am not lucky enough to get, but I am sure this trip will not only a dream, it is a vision that one day soon come into reality!


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  1. Molla Korea says:

    Tonight at 1:11 am, finished watching The Legend of the Blue Sea.
    What makes it amazing, all my dream places comes in visions through that drama, the first snow fallin’ in a road that similar with Nami island’s road with trees on both side, the Namsan tower, and the ski resort place. 2016.12.02 is the d day, I really believe that those are the signs that finally comes into reality soon. So it is. God helps.

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