Sinchon Favour Savour Corner

This writing goes to all Korean Drama lovers, as in there are times this place become a special spot,  as you probably see a lot of scenes where the actor/actress are;

  • too poor to eat in a restaurant
  • try to catch meals between time
  • craving for supper late at night
  • doing ‘arebaite’ part time job

Yes, you probably had guess~ we are talking about 편이점 (=pyeonuijeom) Korean minimart!


This GS25 Sinchon not only located conveniently in busy alleys right on Sinchon area, they provide seating place for you to eat and drink anything from the mart shelf. The big window glasses allows you to take your mind wonder on young people walks by in front of you, specially when you sit alone. Its quite a sight as this location is likely the home of students from 3 different big Universities: Yonsei, Sogang, Ewha.


GS25 provided you from snacks, fruits, breads, instant coffees, teas, sodas and best of all vary of ramyeon(Korean instant noodles)! Beside foods there are also daily needs, toiletries and other stuffs depend where the mart is located.  GS25 is one of the largest chain minimart shop in South Korea. You can find it almost every corner of the streets, but not all have this kind of convenience spot and seating place.  Some has table but no chairs at all, so you have to stand when you eat there.

They of course allowed you to treat that place almost like your kitchen, there is hot water to make your ramyeon, your coffee, heat up fast food.  Some kids I came across  (there are middle school around that area) they like to put many things on ramyeon, from cheese, odeng (fish cake), sausage etc.

Another best, it is open 24hours. So this is one of the best option place for you to try those experiences if you happen visit Seoul city, particularly Sinchon area.


GS25 didn’t ask me to write this article as part of their advertisement. So happened I contribute article on regarding destination spot in Seoul city, this is only the extension that all the photos (otherwise stated) and writing is belong originally to Molla Korea.


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