Imagine Your Korea ~ 8 Faces of Korea Trip

South Korea, the land of wonders, showing you the 8 different type of Trip that you can enjoy whilst visiting the country.

What is your dream trip in Korea? The Korea Tourism get you to imagine the kind of Korea trip that suit with your personal taste.

Just like Lee JongSuk said in the end of every these TVC videos:

당신이 어떤 한국을 여행하고 싶은신가요?

What kind of South Korea trip do you want to travel?

Fantasy Korea ~ Journey into your dreams

🌈 Muchangpo Mystic Sea Road, Boryeong
🌈 Bamboo Forest, Damyang
🌈 Woljeong-gyo Bridge, Gyeongju
🌈 Ihootaewoo Bridge, Jeju
🌈 Saryeoni Forest, Jeju

#Fantasy Korea

Adventure Korea ~ Challenge the Explorer in you

💦 Water Leisure Sport, Gangchon
💦 Zip Wire, Jeongseon
💦 Jungmun Saekdal Beach, Jeju
💦 Downtown Night Cycling, Seoul
💦 Offroad Buggy Car, Jeju


Romance Korea ~ Forever with My Love

💟 Jumunjin Beach, Gangneung
💟 Cape Seopjikopji, Jeju-do
💟 Aqua Planet, Jeju
💟 Aewol Cafe, Jeju
💟 Lotte World Tower, Seoul (5th tallest building in the world with 123 floors)


Thriller Korea ~ A Thriller’s Seeker Dream

⚡ YongMeori Coast, Jeju-do
⚡ Gosu Cave, Danyang
⚡ Everland T-Express, Yongin
⚡ Skywalk, Jeongseon


Documentary Korea ~ Experience the real Korea

📷 Myeong-dong Street Foods, Seoul
📷 Banpo Romantic Moonlight Market, Seoul
📷 Cart Bar, Yeosu
📷 Ikseon-dong, Seoul


Trend Korea ~ So Hot, So Stylish

🌟 Yeonnam-dong Park, Seoul
🌟 Starfield, Hanam
🌟 Common Ground, Seoul


Mystery Korea ~ Unravel Mystical Stories

🌄 Maison Pagoda, Jinan
🌄 Printing Woodblocks of The Tripitaka Koreana, Haeinsa Temple, Hapcheon
🌄 Donggung Palace & Wolji Pond, Gyeongju
🌄 Cheomseongdae Observaory, Gyeongju


Signature Korea ~ Explore Iconic Attractions

🏯 Hanok Village, Gyeongju
🏯 Korean table d’hote
🏯 Gwanghamun Gate, Seoul
🏯 Changdeokgung Palace, Seoul
🏯 Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Seoul


This post is to support the Imagine Your Korea promotion by Korea Tourism Organization.

#ImagineYourKorea #KoreaTourismOrganization #TravelKorea

All the images and video contents belongs to KTO.


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