Molla Me

molangkorea anhyoung


내 한국 이름은 혜경 입니다.  HyeGyeong is a truly Asian woman. Nice to meet you.

I’m as chubby as Molang, maybe that’s why i like it so much.  I fell in love at first sight with Molang, as it get me smile without a reason. Which is a very good thing for me!

I don’t call my self a writer, but I do know how to do some writing, mostly in English.  Also I don’t call myself a designer, but certainly I design things, from corporate brands, book covers, company marketing collateral~etc and when I have spare time I like to draw some cute stuffs 🙂

Hongki Mina WGM with molang bunny Korea.jpg

This February 2014, I will start my new adventure going to Seoul, South Korea.  I made up my mind, that every day~ every moment that I experience there, things I see in Korea, hopefully I will write it here.

Enjoy the site  & Thank you for visiting. 😗 💗💗🌺🌺

Happiness is today, don’t wait up until tomorrow ^^pyung^pyung^^


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